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""And then there were shots. Everybody ran, ducked, hid, tucked themselves tight. Did what we've all been trained to do.""

In this quote, Jason Reynolds shows that shootings are a normal thing to hear where Will, the main character lives. This is a pretty powerful quote because Will seems to not be very afraid in his description until he learns that it his own brother who is shot. It kind of seems like a mundane thing to happen when he describes it. This quote can speak for the whole book as I have never read anything more brutal than Long Way Down. None of the WWII books that I have read are close to this one in brutality. This is because this book is filled with emotions and you can feel what the characters are feeling. You feel bad for Will, but you do not want to see him killing the person who he thinks killed his brother because you know hat it would not be right for him to kill that person. If he will, you are pretty sure he will get caught. The whole book is very realistic and I like this because I have never read a book like it before.