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Blog Post #4

1. I have recently finished my book Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds. I thought that it was a really good book. I learned a lot from it. I thought that Reynolds did a really good job because he made the novel very captivating. Whenever a new character comes on, the previous person lights a cigarette until the point where Will says that he is suffocating. This was a very vivid memory I have about this book.


2.My buddy, Jaiden read Ghost by the same author and we compared the way that our books were written. We both agreed that our author likes to write about city-life. Ghost and Long Way Down are both set in the city and they both focus on the emotions of the main character.


3.On Booklikes, you can find new books to read. I have found Return to Planet Tad by Tim Carvell by using this website. In order to find a new book, you go to your "Dashboard," and then type your favorite author into the top right box. After this, you can see all of the books that this author has written. You can always get a book that you like by using this method.